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Johnny Madara had a chart record in 1957 called "Be My Girl" on the Prep Label. He discovered The Juvenaires singing on the corner that same year and brought them to audition for his record producer Artie Singer.  Johnny teamed up with Dave White, the leader of the group and they wrote "Do the Bop."  Well, "Do the Bop" became "At the Hop" thanks to Dick Clark and The Juvenaires became Danny and The Juniors. "At The Hop" became a  # 1 record on the Billboard charts, where it remained at the top spot for seven weeks. Johnny and Dave formed a writing /producing partnership working for Jamie/Guyden, Mercury and Decca Records. They co-wrote classic compositions including, "You Don't Own Me" for Lesley Gore, "1-2-3" with Len Barry" and "The Fly" for Chubby Checker. They have written and produced scores of Billboard chart records. Johnny recorded  Daryl Hall in a group called Gulliver before Daryl teamed up with John Oates. He then recorded  Daryl and John prior to their major success.  Johnny Madara went on to produce for Wayne Newton, Tony Danza, and Denny Dougherty among others.  He produced the music for the animated Ralph Bakshi motion picture, “Hey Good  Lookin’ "  and worked with Sid and Marty Kroft, music supervising several of their TV Shows.
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